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Kerr Lake

Kerr Lake Eastland Creek
Welcome to magnificent Kerr Lake (known locally as Buggs Island Lake - click here to learn the great story behind this).  Kerr Lake is Virginia's largest lake, and one of the largest on the eastern seaboard.  It is relatively undeveloped, and offers hundreds of miles of beautiful natural shoreline, punctuated by the John H. Kerr dam, which is the 4th largest dam in the United States.

Kerr Lake also boasts Virginia's only lakeside town, the quaint and historic Clarksville.  
Clarksville Virginia Downtown

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the John H. Kerr Dam, and currently owns and manages the lake, along with many campground and recreation sites along its shoreline.  Click here to go to their website for the lake.

Interesting Facts

Area - 50,000 acres at standard level
Shoreline - 850 miles at standard level
Ownership - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Maximum depth - 125 ft at standard level
Common fish - Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass (naturaly reproducing population), Crappie, Blue Catfish (world record caught in 2012).  Click here for a current fishing report.
Contributing source rivers - Dan River, Hyco River, Banister River, Roanoke/Staunton River
River basin - Roanoke River Basin
Camping on the lake - click here for a list of campgrounds on Kerr Lake
Lodging nearby - Clarksville (2 hotels and 1 bed & breakfast); Boydton (1 bed & breakfast); South Hill (numerous hotels); Bracey (1 hotel)

Levels - Kerr Lake is a hydroelectric and flood control lake, thus it is a variable level lake.  Standard level is 300 ft above mean sea level (msl).  Full flood stage is 320 ft msl.  Winter (dry) stage is 296 ft msl.  All docks on Kerr Lake are floating docks so that access to water activities is unhindered by high or low water.  Click here for the current lake level.

The Dam
John H Kerr Dam
The John H. Kerr Hydroelectric Dam is the fourth largest dam in the United States, boasting 7 hydroelectric turbines and producing an average of 1,169,175 kilowatt hours per day.  Click here for more information on the dam.

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