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Community Programs

Neighborhood Watch Programs

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office is available to assist citizens in forming a neighborhood watch program for their area. An officer will come and speak to you and your neighbors on getting started and maintaining your program so that you will achieve the maximum benefits.

Contact: Doug Hatchell, Crime Prevention Specialist
Phone: 434-738-6171

TRIAD Program

The local TRIAD consists of the Sheriff, police chiefs, and older or retired leaders in the community who agree to work together to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly. Important to each TRIAD is an advisory council of law enforcement leaders and older persons which serves as a sounding board, information channel, and catalyst for renewing emphasis on reducing crimes against the elderly.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, along with TRIAD, hosts several programs and seminars to keep people informed on the growing number of scams and fraudulent activity concerning our community. One such program is the annual Senior Citizens Police Academy which is a three hour class held every week for six weeks. Some of the topics covered in the SCP Academy include 911 communications, substance abuse, DUI enforcement, driving safety, firearms safety, domestic violence, and magistrate duties.

Crime Prevention Specialist Doug Hatchell has received extensive training in all areas of crime prevention and is available to come out and speak to groups on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, scams, or other fraudulent acts.

For additional information on the TRIAD program, visit the TRIAD website at http://www.vaag.com/Programs%20and%20Resources/TRIAD/index.html.
Contact: Doug Hatchell, Crime Prevention Specialist
Phone: 434-738-6171

File of Life

File of Life is a program that is designed to protect seniors and is an information packet for the elderly (especially those that live alone) to inform rescue personnel of emergency contacts, medical conditions, and medications if emergency services are dispatched to their residence. The packet contains an information card that is to be completed, placed back into its magnetic sleeve, and put on the refrigerator. Mecklenburg 911 is then informed that the occupant of this residence has a File of Life card available. This can save valuable minutes when rescue arrives at the resident’s home. You can obtain one of these cards by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 434-738-6171.

For information on additional Community Programs sponsored by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, such as VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday), Project Lifesaver, Child Safety Seat Installation, Peep Hole Installation, and Shredder Program, visit their website at www.mcsova.us/community.htm.

Mecklenburg County Tourism

Life Happens Off the Path.

Whatever you and your family love; you truly can find it here. We are sure you’ll enjoy all Mecklenburg County has to offer!

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Mecklenburg County Hunting/Fishing Guide and Map

Mecklenburg County Hunting/Fishing Guide and Map.

Boasting 9,000+ acres of public Wildlife Management Areas and a 50,000 acre lake, Mecklenburg is a sportsman’s paradise.

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Mecklenburg is Lake Country

Mecklenburg Is Lake Country.

It’s time you came to visit us. Click below for a PDF to view the Lake Country Visitor's Guide which is filled with helpful information about the area.

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