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Community Outreach

  • Upon request presentations can be provided to the community on various topics including:
  • Contraceptives, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Immunizations, Communicable Diseases, and other Health related issues.
  • Training available for Child Care Providers, assessment of Daycare Centers, consultation for licensure issues available.
  • Upon request health screenings are available including:
  • Blood pressure screenings

For additional information you may visit the Southside Health District’s website at: www.vdh.virginia.gov/LHD/Southside

Mecklenburg County Tourism

Life Happens Off the Path.

Whatever you and your family love; you truly can find it here. We are sure you’ll enjoy all Mecklenburg County has to offer!

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Mecklenburg County Hunting/Fishing Guide and Map

Mecklenburg County Hunting/Fishing Guide and Map.

Boasting 9,000+ acres of public Wildlife Management Areas and a 50,000 acre lake, Mecklenburg is a sportsman’s paradise.

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Mecklenburg is Lake Country

Mecklenburg Is Lake Country.

It’s time you came to visit us. Click below for a PDF to view the Lake Country Visitor's Guide which is filled with helpful information about the area.

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