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Fire & Rescue

In case of emergency, dial 911
Fire Departments
Boydton Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 1)
Chief: Mark Parrish
Address: 928 Madison Street, P.O. Box 8, Boydton, VA 23917
Phone: 434-738-6649 (Non-emergency)
Website: www.boydtonfire.webs.com
Buckhorn Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 2)
Chief: Jimmy Callahan
Address: 5972 Union Level Road, South Hill, VA 23970
Phone: 434-447-6911 (Non-emergency)
Website: www.buckhornfire.com
Chase City Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 3)
Chief: Charles Magann
Address: 213 E. Second Street, P.O. Box 595, Chase City, VA 23924  
Phone: 434-372-3395 (Non-emergency)  
Clarksville Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 4)
Chief: Johnny Shriver
Address: 1008 Virginia Avenue, P.O. Box 1371, Clarksville, VA 23927  
Phone: 434-374-4611 (Non-emergency)  
LaCrosse Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 5)
Chief: Mike Clark  
Address: 202 Carolina Street, P.O. Box 38, LaCrosse, VA 23950  
Phone: 434-757-1801 (Non-emergency)  
Palmer Springs Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 6)
Chief: Larry Clark  
Address: 1697 Palmer Springs Road, Boydton, VA 23917  
Phone: 434-689-2166 (Non-emergency)  
Website: www.palmerspringsfire.com

South Hill Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 7)
Chief: Rosser Wells  
Address: 114 North Brunswick Avenue, South Hill, VA 23970  
Phone: 434-447-8227 (Non-emergency)  
Website: www.southhillfire.com  
Lake Gaston Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 8)
Chief: Ricky Elmore
Address: 7609 Highway Nine-O-Three, Bracey, VA 23919  
Phone: 434-636-3473 (Non-emergency)  
Rescue Squads
Southside Rescue Squad
Evan Moss
Address: 810 W. Atlantic Street ,P.O. Box 546, South Hill, VA 23970  
Phone: 434-447-5038 (Non-emergency)  
Website: www.southsiderescuesquad.com  
Chase City Rescue Squad
Captain: Allison Farrar
Address: 335 Mecklenburg Drive, P.O. Box 81, Chase City, VA 23924  
Phone: 434-372-2144 (Non-emergency)  
Boydton Life Station
Captain: John Toones  
Address: 349 Madison Street, P.O. Box 182, Boydton, VA 23917  

Mecklenburg Lifesaving (Clarksville)
Captain: Justin Eubank
Address: 25 Burlington Drive, P.O. Box 1539, Clarksville, VA 23927  
Phone: 434-374-2466 (Non-emergency)  
Website: www.mecklenburgrescue.homestead.com  

Mecklenburg County Tourism

Life Happens Off the Path.

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Mecklenburg County Hunting/Fishing Guide and Map.

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