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Responsibilities & Office Summary

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for assessing the tangible personal property, business personal property, machinery and tools, merchants capital, public service corporation, bank franchise, boats, trailers, airplanes and transient occupancy sources for Mecklenburg county.  The Commissioner assists the County Assessor and is ultimately responsible for the valuation of all real estate in Mecklenburg county.  The Commissioner's office publishes a Land Book with these values to the citizens of the county annually.  Personal Property and Real Estate values are utilized in developing the county budget each year. The Commissioner's office also conducts a real estate reassessment every two years.  The County Assessor, Lisa Wagstaff, is the lead person in that process.  Ms. Wagstaff has been assessing Real Estate for the county since 1997.  She is assisted by a support staff of 5 persons that include JoAnn Farrar, Tammy Hoke, Sylvia Champion, Collin Wells and Laura Kirkland.  The Commissioner of Revenue, Ed Taylor, had appraised real estate 23 years prior to being elected in 2007.
The Real Estate office  is also responsible for maintaining the County's GIS (Geographic Information System) which was launched in early 2008.  This system provides a wealth of information to the public on all real estate in Mecklenburg County.  It is structured so that basic information is available through public access.  More detailed information is available by subscription only. You can access the site at:  http://mecklenburg.gis.edsi.com/.   Users are  encouraged to call the Real Estate office with questions concerning the GIS system or to subscribe to the service at (434) 738 – 6191 ext. 4270.
The Commissioner's office also processes state income tax returns and provides assistance to the public during tax season.  The staff of 3 are led by Violet Puryear with assistance from Angela Reel and Beth Smith.  The Personal Property office is also responsible for tracking and communicating with the taxpayers all information related to their automobiles, private and commercial trucks, business equipment, inventory, boats and related trailers, camper trailers, airplanes, and single-wide Manufactured Homes that are located in Mecklenburg county.

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